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Home that Sails

Near a beach sits an old tattered Houseboat.
I'm so amazed it still floats.
Some paint and repairs will make an acceptable
Summer place. So the work begins,
I'm determined to pick up the pace.

Two months pass, inside and out the vessel home
Makes a quick turnabout. Her engine purred like
A happy cat. I fish from my front porch, morning
Noon or night, if it's a matter of no light, I'll
Light up a torch that burns exceptionally bright.
Now midsummer my boathouse is secured at the dock 
Summers humidity starts to rise with every tick of
the clock.

I decided to go for a ride I untied my boat
and started to glide.  The screeching gulls swooped down,
Filled with fish flopping in their beaks. 
The sun showed its power in the noonday hour,
The red glow from my cheeks the old houseboat
Speaks with an annoying squeak.
In the distance was a boat, it barely seems to
Float. I decided to check and see if someone need
Help from me.

Nearer I could see no person to be found, but I heard
A familiar sound, a kitten was on the sinking deck, so
I jumped and brought the poor creature to my boat, the gulls were
Swooping near the kitten I had to fetch her before she drowned;
Or was smitten. 
Back to my dock to care for this traumatized creature. Her big
Green eyes were her best feature. I fed her some chicken,
a little cream, her purr was like a song from a dream.

Many months later we are still together, we face many storms
and beautiful weather, she is my friend I can't pretend, yes I
Believe the good Lord placed her in my way, the bond between us will
always stay.
I never thought that my best friend would have four paws and a tail
But then again I never thought I'd have a home that would sail!

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All Rights Reserved

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Home that Sails