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Cozy Fire this winter winters Gale

The night brought forth the blizzard's snow.
The North Winds whip and blow.
Not a clear street in sight, the frost heaps drift blinding bright.
Fire crackles in its place, warmth is shinning from my face, 
Ashes filled from woodland bark, soft flames flicker in the dark.
The wind dances to the season's plea, stepping high above the trees.
The movement is so soothingly free.
A slow dance of winter's bliss has sealed the fields with a loving kiss.
A cozy homestead is filled with songs,  the blizzard's dance is strong.
Yet, I know the thrill will not last long.
We gather together in winter's gale, a cozy fire we thankfully hale.
A landscape once green now stands pale, in this seasonal winter's 
White ice trails.

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Cozy Fire, this Winter`s Gale