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Corridors of Grief

In the corridors of grief echo from the voices of many feelings.
A soul's cold tears, loneliness, anger, and many fears.
Yet, we continue to walk bravely, when our pain stings gravely.
We reach for peace and greater shades of pale and it does not cease.

We still search for some release.
Where in time do we remember the light that creates our shadow's sight?
Again dreams call to come forthright.
Seeing and knowing the battles cost, ever knowing the moments we lost.

Love is a joy and sorrow in the now and tomorrow.
We can be lifted, we can fall it becomes a noise that screams out loud.
So in this corridor, the heart can break so carefully we try to ease the ache.
There will be a light to find and a peace of a different kind.

We live our grief work through and leave our scars behind.
Memories of silken times will surface and mend the broken heart in kind.
The echoes of the brighter light of love will warm the heart from the Great above.
So hold courage close my friend and know your value in the end.

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Corridors of Grief