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Let Beauty Stream

The mountain stood above the clouds. A gargantuan ice cap looms from the purity of its peaks.
The spirit of the day begins to seek, as the wind earnestly speaks.
Winter walks across the land and reaches out to where the Swiss Alps stand.
Some magic sweeps the dusting snow and forms a cradle in the Valley below.

On such a day like this  I can feel my spirit's bliss. The crisp and vibrant air flows in peaceful care.
Above the summit in the clouds, the mountain's speaks in vibrant sounds.
A piece of heaven sleeps on the grounds. The life of ancient mystery felt the steps of history.
When sun's light rest and moonbeams shy behind the giant rock that touches the sky.
Pray earnestly for God's watchful eye.

A life that knows the chill a majesty of nature's thrill. 
Dare not to climb its height with mortal flesh it's wise to only embrace the sight.
When mountains roar with its might and sometimes blocking precious light, surrender from that fight.
Keep comfort close to heart and heed the gift of beauty's part, climb under the covers of your bed.
Wisdom lived is often seen in the truth of words in the logical head.

No schemes, no dreams, the mountain is what it is.
A haunting heights of silent screams
So let it's beauty stream.

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Let Beauty Stream