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Help Us Stand in a World so Dark

No peace, her mind holds the mark of uneasy sorrows.
Wounds of today become the scars of tomorrow.
There is not one ounce of hope left for Anna Marie.
She walked to rest under the old Maple tree., 
Her heart was heavy knowing she would never be free.
We talked until the wee hours of dawn until the night was gone.
War had scattered her family, her father, and her brothers.
Fighting in a war that brought nothing but pain; the soil was
Drenched with blood, and tears, gathering a river of agonies that flood.
World War shook the globe, too many years of sacrifice,  the heart of many
Countries formed to ice. Anna Marie tried her best, now she lays her
Father and Brothers to rest.
War has left its mark, it became her grief in a world so dark.
Can we continue on in a world gone wrong?
Finding light in a time and place of little sight.
Dear Lord, help us stand and reach out again for one and another's hand.
( Dedicatd to my Great Aunt, Anna Marie Who rose from a realty unkind, 
Finding hope again to live until  she was 93 years old, God Bless her soul)

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Help us Stand in a World so Dark