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Setting Free

I'm tracing my footsteps through the years.
A winding path that explores my heart.
From the start, the journey holds value, 
each bump and turn, in the savage night,
In the golden sun of merciful light.
I've known days of peace, I've  lived with the civil notion.
Moving forward with love's devotion.
Would I take the same path? 
Would I choose a different pace?
Would my soul cry out for grace?
I choose to be here where I stand.
On a path I understand.
Among turmoil and strife, I love the light of my life.
If we should meet again, hope my foe will become a friend.
If I pass your path again, there is one message I send.
Be the best you can be, search with eyes of kindness to see.
Live with love and peace and set your soul free.

Allseasonsverse 2019/11/02
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Setting Free