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A Calling
Lost in the land of tomorrow, a small child becomes a King.
He rode his horse to the enchanted forest to see what it might bring.
He saw wonders of life his eyes might never hold and became a" Man King "strong and bold.
He climbed the mountains to find serenity but found the valley of the dead.
There were warriors of many flags with Crowns upon their heads.
He stood in silence to reach some understanding.
His searching mind wanted answers, he now was demanding.
The ancient spirits gathered near, the living King showed no fear.
The voice of old spoke calm and clear. "We must remain in this valley between two mountains.
We must find each warriors sword, and surrender to the Merciful Lord."
The young King came down from his horse and compassion flowed from his light force.
He looks into the hollow eyes each of the fallen dead, then said:
"Was your battles fought in the name of freedom? Was valor a driven source?
Did you have your faith tested as destruction ran its course?
There is one true Lord that sees us from above, you must not forget his love."
The magnitude of the souls fell to their knees, a peaceful warmth encircled in the breeze.
The valley was now returned to the land of the living, in the compassion of divine forgiving.
This Young King was no longer lost his faith ensures all cost.
 The Young King's quest, answers his calling as the past is laid to rest.

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A Calling