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A Look in Travel

A dusty road lies ahead there is much I've left unsaid.
As I leave the beaten path, I leave in peace, I know no rath.
What I find depends on where my path will lead.
My journey proceeds.
I gather stardust in moments before dawn, and sun rays in the break of day.
Fields of every season leave their footprints as I pass.
I leave the path to sit in a field of trees and soft green grass.
A time of pause in the liturgy of reverent mass.
My time calls to me to return, my soul will learn.
My feet carry me to light when peace address the inner fight.
Beyond the pastures, the view of golden hue.
The fields of wheat dance in the sun's needed heat.
As I look at travel, my story unravels.
Life is plenty from the womb; the witness of life from cradle to the tomb.
The travel holds miles of precious gems, the budding roses, and thorny stems.
Yet, value Stands in the quality of mankind, a journey of love to find.
A look in travel, a plan of action, mapping out the best direction.
A prayer for life's protection, the spirits plea for warm detection.
When I arrive at my destination, will I be remembered for my lif's duration?
If my name falls to the side,  my heart still will be thankful for my comfort ride.
The notion remains, that solitude will end all pain.
My journey will know no loss, only gain, as earth responds to blessed rain.
I end with gain, my travel has not ended in vain.
The footprints of tomorrow are born in yesterdays joys and sorrows.
Steadfast in my path my friend, to stand with love in my journey's end.

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A Look in Travel