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Battles  that never End

Sometimes hurt can go so deep, it remains all that we keep.
Tired tearful eyes are unable to sleep.
Prayers whisper in the night in the flicker of candlelight.
A broken life that does not mend, a mere fraction of what loss can send.
I search for an open door, a chill rolls across the floor.
Years of void takes a toll, grief I live knowing what it explores.
Many hours weigh heavy on my heart.
Will healing ever start?
My brothers my son have done their part.
War has made its call, a time when our loved ones fell.
Sometimes the weapons of war have a bottomless well.
When the life of our loved ones is the cost that it sends.
Weep for the wounds for the shattered sorrows it tends.
Sad and true some battles never end.

Allseasonsverse 2019/26/02
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Battles that have no End