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Special Birthday

She was a gentle soul, her smile brought light to the darkest night.
She was so in love with a man that left for war.
Her days seem long her nights longer.
She carried a love for her man in his absence that love grew stronger.
Sometimes she thought her heart would break, she longs for his touch.
She felt a certain ache.
Two weeks in his absence, she discovered she was carrying his child. 
She began to feel the baby's movement so gentle and mild.
She writes a letter to share the news, but didn't hear back, she felt her heart crack.
She still writes him every day, as her child forms and grows in a special way.
Months pass, she is close to giving birth, she knew her soldier battled in the far corner of the earth.
One fresh Spring day her child was on the way.
She was happy to see her child, yet, sad that his Father was gone and out of touch. He meant so much.
She took her suitcase to the hospital she went alone, but that would change when she would 
return home.
The sun brought light on her sons day of birth, cause as he came near a man in uniform becomes clear.
Her love was there to be with his family, a babe lets out his cries and brings joy in his parent's eyes.
There was a union of peace that special birthday. The soldier holds his son to be with his family. 
This father fought to keep his son and mother out of harm's way, is now finally home to stay.
The birth of peace has found its way.

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Special Birthday