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Empty Ballroom

Lost in your smile I linger for a long while.
The music creates a need to sway in the most delightful way.
How I wish this night won't end if time could stand still.
If my Dancing feet could sway all through the night and day.
The hour passes fast and the dance ends too soon, so 
No one left but me in an empty ballroom.
I walk away reluctantly cause the magic of your smile has the best part of me.
Sweet dance of warm romance has given my heart another chance.
Locked in my recall we conquer all, but the empty room shadows rise and fall.
A Cinderella has lost her love in an empty ballroom she often speaks of.
Something magical comes from her plea when her Prince stands before her on bended knee.
Together for life as husband and wife, the dance of romance reaps the lifetime of a golden chance.
Sweet love unites two hearts from that ballrooms dance.

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Empty Ballroom