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Paints the View

I looked around the back yard when a knock came to the door.
No one around except the broken tree limbs on the ground.
Another tap at my back door, so I checked it out once more.
Not another soul in sight, but the same scenario continued 'til night. 
As the crescent moon came out, I heard a muffled shout.
There were a tapping and disembodied sound?
Could it be my imagination?
Could it be a spirit abound?
One quick look to find an Angle's light all around.
What beauty lit my eyes in the early night's sky.
A wealth of pleasure revealed a piece of paradise.
The creatures of the land touched one another's hand.
Then stroke the heart where midnight stands.
The baren trees swayed in a breeze and brought subtle ease.
My backdoor stayed open to watch this sweet event.
My soul was thankful for the peace it sent.
Now when the house is empty and I feel a touch of blue, 
I walk to the yard where dreams of life and love comes true.
A dream of dreams that softly paints the view.

©Allseasonsverse 2019/13/03
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Paints the View