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 No Misgiving

Within the center of the universe, the limbs of Yggdrasil supports the path of nine worlds.
Strong and uncommonly flexible life unites at her rising roots.
Worlds of the South reclaim their wisdom in the wrestling of her leaves.
She stands through the ages holding Valhalla's vanished warriors.
Limbs of ash, the life of limbs dwell and stand within the brush. 
Was this Odin's gallows in the depth that now grows lush?
In the ancient world, the shade of this tree reflects a number of civilizations reflecting crush.
The cries of the past comes to a hush.
Born of Norseman's tales,  the passions now have lost their trails.
The fate of heathen sight has faded into the endless night.
Tree of life is sealed beyond the doors of Garden Eden, we can not afford misleading.
The heart of time will not end to pagan heeding.
The soul has freed from misgiving in the worlds of the actual living.

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No Misgiving