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Love and Adore
Sunday came with a sunshine glow. Melting away the fading snow.
Birds sang in sweet melody and the air was so crisp and free.
My feet ventured through my garden gate. The light followed me near.
Yet, a somewhat silence was a gift of love from the Maker above.
A tantalizing breeze gave me warm and subtle ease.
Sunday's recent visits like this are few, but I embrace its inviting view.
Sweet song of nature sings out loud and chases away the shadowed clouds.
A moment that is born to last, when Eagles fly on past.
Days of golden memories appear and chase away untold fear.
For just the moment God takes my hand and blesses life with beauty grand.
I walk back through my doors to summon my soul to explore.
Sweet Sunday's are back once more a gift  of all completes the big or small of me.
Defining  my depth you see.
 There is so much more, that I truly love and adore.
When the soul explores.

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Love and Adore