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Diamond Tear

In a small corner of the world, lived a Princess of Diamond Tear.
She loved her Princely Knight and ran to his arms in warm delight.
It was the seventh day, of the seventh month, in the seventh year.
She saw the love she held for her home in Diamond Tear.
Her kingdom home enslaved her soul, all in the name of protection.
She knew her hope for freedom lived in a world of an opposite direction.
She searched both day and night to hold her freedom tight.
She knew her life would change her royal sight.
Her Prince of promise did appear in the middle of the seventh year.
He freed her soul in his victory goal.
He took her heart before they part.
With her old roots now abound, the wings of time send out a chime.
He leaves her with a child, that soothed her softly and blessed her mild. Year after year,
Her wings revealed the freedom of her soul, but loneliness begins to take a toll.
Now she dwells within her castle tower, wait for her Prince to return.
Her hope begins to fade by every passing hour.
She found her Prince she found her knight when the sunshine of her smiles brought forth light.
She holds him in her dreams, where peace and love gently streams.
It would be known her heart atone was passions secretly shown.
She takes the Queenship in despair, to sit upon her Queenly Chair, the hope of freedom fleets, and fall to her feet.
She sees a different light, seems freedom was always in her sight.
Her love gave her roots the wings of flight, when the knight of her dreams joins her in their flight.
God Bless the union of their dreams, where life in Diamond Tear, escapes all fear.
So begins her blessed final years, With two hearts of freedom's cheers.

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Diamond Tear