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Heaven Received

There was an open door in an abandoned house.
This house sat on a hill, looking down upon the Atlantic Ocean.
The open door swayed in a rhythmic motion.
The taste of salt filled the air the mist of night was drawing near.
I decided to find shelter in the abandoned house, yet,  hesitant with fear.
I walked into this small four-room house. No signs of life, not even a mouse.
Seems that the door would spring open each time it was closed.
After many attempts I just let it go.
I could see the night starting to glow.
My sleeping bag was stretched out on an old braided rug on the living room floor.
The misty night peeked in through that open door.
The Ocean moving below seemed to rock me to sleep.
Before I knew it my dreams started to creep.
This was home long ago, but the door did not sway to and fro.
A Captain and his wife living a simple but good life.
One day a storm carried the couple away to the waters below.
My dream spoke to me of their lament, that their families never knew where their loved ones went.
I awoke to write the dream on the walls how the life of the Captain and his wife carried out with the storm.
No one heard their pleas when they called.
As I wrote light entered with day and I thought I heard the Captain and his wife thank me and seen them drift away.
As I finished I noticed the open door was closed and stayed in place. A feel of peace surrounded in grace.
The small house was relieved and no longer grieved knowing the souls of its owners were heaven received.

(As I have heard and always will believe, "As one door closes another will open.")

©Allseasosversed 2019/01/04
All Right Received

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Heaven Received