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As Love stands By

Is life like a budding flower? Come see.
A small cottage in the woods was home to a small family of three.
Starlight would seek entry through the lush forest trees.
When winter wakes the forest shakes and has a sleepy take. 

The humble cottage stokes its fire, smoke rises through the chimney top.
A loving mother sings a lullaby to her restless babe the fussing stops.
The winds wine through as the winter temperature drops.
A man of strength and determination stacks the wood and place it on a pile.

He brings a bundle in his home, he sees his child sound asleep, he gives his wife a loving smile.
As this family grows through the seasons a bigger home is needed.
Farmland a few miles away will suit a growing family's way.

The years come and go, crops feed the family well, five sons and a daughter run to the dinner bell.
Now they have grown with children of their own.
A family of seven is back to two.
A back to the cottage where the wife and husband embrace the woodland view.
A gentle light burns bright in the forest night.

Life can have many chapters, that calls on many needs beginning with a growing seed.
As flowers grow we clear away the weeds.
There is always a flower that reaches to the sky, each flower watches as life passes by.
Be sure to water life's soil, let it be rain or tears, don't allow the soil to dry.

The bud will become a flower throughout the countless years. Reaching for the light as 
As love stands near.

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As Love Stands Near