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Light of Day and Night

When the light comes through the window and the room warms with delight,
the moment defeats the night.
Long ago when the night seemed to rule, moonlight was the lighting fuel.
Stardust wove a sky with grace and earth stood spinning in its place.
Night Owls brought haunting thrills and wolves howled in hungry chills.
Lonely nightingale in deepest night calls for his mate, he sings of loneliness,
He sings for love near the garden gate.
When creatures of the night pace in their natural right they need no guiding light.
Within they hold a nocturnal sight.
The whispering wind stirs low and high to move the air as shadows fly.
Long ago the darkness streamed and midnight held the light of dreams.
Now in present times, artificial light sparks our sight and treads on a wholesome night.
So when the morning sun looks through a moments peace caresses the gems of morning dew.
The warmth comes shining through the night has paid its dues.

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Light of Day and Night