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I Love Storms

When skies darken and lightning flares,
My tension drains as do my cares.
As the winds increase and rain pours,
I don a jacket and step outdoors.

My spirit soars free as I breathe the damp air,
While coyotes and jackrabbits seek their own lair.
Smiling I stroll along as the storm envelops me,
No longer imprisoned, I am at last free.

A wellspring of rejoicing surges from within,
Perhaps I am related to the airy djinn?
The rain pours down, but will vanish ere long,
Like the words of a cherished but forgotten song.

Rock hard ground shrugs off the pounding rain,
As streams of water pour down the drain.
A roadrunner hurries by, clacking its beak.
Oh what words it surely does speak!

How I love when the storm clouds frown,
When wind gusts swirl and rain pours down!
I feel a communion deep in my heart,
As if I have regained some missing part.

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I Love Storms