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Stormy Dawn

I turned to see the rising sun when a rainstorm began.
Thunder shook the air and lightning bolts flashed in despair.
What could have been dawn was now grey and charcoal skies, the 
Morning let out a wail and made the painted horses pale.
The day was stormy hours passed slow, the lightning would come and go.
The horses now in the barn letting loose a lengthy yawn.
Days that start this way  I'm better off to just nap in the hay.
Nightfall brings peaceful weather when the moon and stars appear together.
I turn my head to see the sky light up in cloudless moonlight harmony.
I may have missed the dawn, but all is clear as peaceful skies draw near.
Stormy dawn grew through the day, then goes it's way, when nightly skies came out to play.

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Stormy Dawn