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The Germans believed each epoch or period or age
Had its own spirit, in history its own page.
Perhaps an ideal, something for which it fought,
Or an essence which defined how it thought.

They coined a name for this spirit of an era,
"Zeitgeist" captured the prevailing mood of Terra.
So I wonder if this spirit truly can live,
How would we define it now, what name would we give?

I look around at a world shrouded in fear,
Where cold hearted people scarce shed a tear.
Where corruption and deception seem the norm,
Where evil and decay may take any form.

Where those who champion the cause of justice and right
Are slain, locked away, or concealed from our sight.
Where accusations and insults are hurled from every angle,
Where honesty and truth seem to make politicians strangle.

They ask if you are hawk or dove, elephant or ass?
To place you in a cage of names, more delicate than glass.
So what is the defining spirit of our time, what name to employ?
One thing does seem certain, it sadly lacks in joy.

To all things come an end my friend, and I fear we look at ours
A time for releasing what is locked away, ancient primal powers.
Remember, this same earth where you and I now dwell
Once trembled 'neath the shock as mighty Leviathan fell.

We think ourselves masters of this world, and all that dwell thereon,
Yet so too thought the dinosaurs, whose bones we walk upon.

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