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Love Remains Our Guide

I know you are hurting I see it in your eyes.
You force a smile to hide your pain.
The strength is fading fast, while sorrow begins to gain.
I have a duty that calls out my name, above duty, stands my love.
What I leave unsaid begins to surface in my deeds.
I have focused on your basic comfort needs.
You are the love of my life, it was that way before I became your wife.
We raised our children best we could, now we pray the world will treat them good.
Now it is you and I that must mend.
Regardless of our brokenness together we will get by.
The years gather like fallen leaves assorted colors that dances in the breeze.
Side by side we sail away on waves of life's rebounding tide.
Taking one another's hand we face together as love remains our guide.

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Love Remains our Guide