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Rain Dance Fields,

Early summer brings a heat wave the farmers rant and rave.
The crops already scorched and roots find no waters clear.
The crop must not fade our fears must come unmade.
Do we dance for the rain to ease the crops thirsty pain?
Shadows fill the day in a dance that brings the clouds our way
Pitter, patter scorhing soil, watch the rain slightly boil.
Like no other day I've known, the fields of rye are no longer dry.
Soon we'll harvest the rescued grain for our bread, the clouds have vanished overhead.
Summers heat escapes as Autumn nears washed in gentle Summer tears.
The land reaps her grain and survives with the dance of rain.
The crops of life flourish with untarnished stain.
It sways to the rhythm of the dance and is given a second chance.

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Rain Dance Fields