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Ride the Storm Winds

Winds that howl in mindless fury;
As sand and dirt create a slurry.
Feel the elements roar and rage
Like tigers loosed from shattered cage.

Terrible strength, unfettered power
Lashing trees while mortals cower.
My spirit soars upward on beckoning breeze
As my soul feels more than vision sees

Carried aloft I sail the storm winds;
Neither knowing nor caring where my path wends.
I feel a part of the turbulent weather,
Like the Thunderbird, with night dark feather.

Thunder crashes as rain pelts the ground
As I leap a puddle with a single bound.
No sheltering umbrella for one such as I,
As my spirit soars upon the flashing sky.

Ride the storm winds, let them clean my soul
Until I am washed clean and once more whole.
Ride the storm winds, wherever they may blow,
May they scour my spirit and polish its glow.

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Ride the Storm Winds