Will o' Wisp

Night winds whistle an eerie tune
Luring the curious with wordless croon.
A pallid light that dims and brightens
Tantalising and beckoning even as it frightens.

Perhaps a wayward spirit that drifts and strays
Or merely a trick of the star light and haze.
But if one follows this "wandering star",
Grave danger awaits, either near or far.

Mysterious and alluring it might well be,
Whether seen on land or bounding sea;
Yet those who follow where will o' wisp lead
Are apt to discover how these horrors feed.

Luring the unwary to a lingering death,
Then feeding on anguish until your last breath.
Whether ghost or demon, imp or sprite;
Beware the foul intent of its pallid light.

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Will o` Wisp