When night winds whisper of ancient lore,
When moon's pale beams shine no more;
When dark clouds thicken and coalesce;
When vile deeds are performed but never confessed.

When lightning flares without a sound;
When hushed silence reigns upon the ground;
Then constellations align in deepest space,
And portals open to an alien place.

There lurk ancient evils, warped and twisted:
Their foul deeds myriad, too many to be listed.
Acidic venom dripping from their slavering jaws,
Clacking mandibles and giant crablike claws.

Long banished from this realm by demigods of old;
Aided by archmages and heroes bold.
Sealed away until the very end of time;
On nightmare realms of muck and slime.

Yet ever and anon foolish mortals seek
To open those portals and take a peek
At that which should ne'er see the light of day;
That which caused irreverent souls to pray.

Their hatred and frustration is a palpable thing,
As they crowd the portal in an expectant ring.
The slightest of openings, the merest crack
Will usher the return of this demonic pack.

Man has ever trifled with power beyond control;
Peering into even the deepest and darkest hole.
Beware oh man, once loosed it is not so easily restrained;
Nor once released be so easily contained.

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