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If superheroes existed in this day and age;
If they could somehow leap from printed page;
What would these mighty avatars of justice think
Of how our society teeters on insanity's brink?

Could they use their miraculous amazing power
To save our world in this dreadful hour?
Or would this grave threat they meet
Finally bring about their ultimate defeat?

"With great power comes great responsibility" Spidey would say
Yet what could even superheroes do to save the day?
What use the strength of Hercules or the speed of Mercury,
Against cancer, overpopulation, or unreasoning fury?

Still they would try, for that's what heroes do;
But is there not a little hero in each of you?
Even if all our efforts are doomed to fail,
Can we not do more than mindlessly rail?

If this is the swan song of Mother Earth,
The final age of the land of our birth;
Let us confront this future with souls afire;
Like the superheroes we so admire.

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