Slowly, inexorably, the shadows slither near;
Blurring the light, making all things unclear.
Lurking ever near, within inky darkness they hide;
Look away for a moment, an inch closer they slide.

Mere reflections cast by light, the unsuspecting say;
Yet they are the antithesis of light's revealing ray.
Light illumines,and shadow conceals;
Shadows cloak and light reveals.

Some say in ancient days mortals made pacts with the dark;
Though warned by holy men, to their words they did not hark.
Through gruesome rites the pacts were made;
Merging human flesh with shadow, they became a shade.

Able to walk the shadow realm, a land of illusion and mist;
Soul bargained away for immortality, their powers too many to list.
Dwelling amongst eternal darkness, their minds twisted and bent;
Spying amongst the shadows, they seldom give a hint

Warped by isolation and blackness, minds slipping slowly away;
Immortality cursed with insanity, a terrible price to pay!
So they lurk on the fringes, spying on the world of man;
Who knows what twisted scheme their warped mind does plan?

If you are in a darkened room, and feel the weight of unseen eyes;
Or if a sudden shadow across a wall swiftly flies;
Remember this tale of what darksome pacts once made,
And consider if YOUR shadows might conceal a shade.

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