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Fido Is Safe
It was a warm and sunny Sunday morning
A soft golden ray released as I kneeled to pray
Thanking the Good Lord for this beautiful day
Off to church to honor his glory and tell the youth a Bible story
Suddenly a dog ran in front of my car
I put on my breaks and missed him by far
He turned and watched as I drove away
I think he heard what my heart had to say
God bless the world, please take away the fog
Shine brightly on the children and even the neighbor's barking dog
I entered the church with a message for my friends
How a blessing was sent to us this day.
when Fido was unharmed and walked away
I knew the Good Lord was with us both this day,
I'm thankful God was with us today.
Fido is safe and happy at play

©Allseasonsverse August, 11th, 2019

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Fido is Safe