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Lord please step over me, I keep getting in my own way
I want to do what You would do and say what You would say
I start to go where You say go and be what You say to be
 I set out on the path alright, but I keep bumping into me
Your Holy Spirit speaks to me, words of love so very sweet
Encourages me to represent; be Your hand and Your feet
So stirred up in my soul, I get prayed up then out the door
Somewhere halfway through the day I run into me once more
Lord please step over me, move beyond my own will
Lead me to green pastures, teach Lord to sit still
Look through me with eyes of love; let me see things as You do
You see purpose in everything; I want to see that purpose too
When the storm arose to howl, You lay asleep at peace
But when awaken by others fear, You spoke and it did cease
When You were tempted after 40 days, so hungry and so weak
Offered the entire world as seen from earths highest peak
You didn’t stagger; You didn’t stumble, but stood tall on God’s word
You didn’t speak on Your own, but through the Spirit what You heard
Lord please step over me; draw me deeper into Your heart
So as they see me next to You, they cannot tell us apart
Let everything I say and do speak Your name loud and clear
Help me listen for Your command, if not Yours I stay right here
Help me not trip over me, but move in You so gracefully
Feel me so with Your Spirit that Your face is all they see
Please Lord Step over me, I lay myself before the cross
Alongside I lay my will, take control Lord, You’re the boss
The life I live is not my own, help me Lord to understand
Everything I think I own, I received it from Your hand
Everything I think I’ve done, even things I’ve done wrong
They were never my accomplishments, they were Yours all along
Once again Lord Step over me, bring me to my rightful place
Humbly positioned at Your feet cover by your amazing grace
J. Moore

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Step over Me