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Tossed in the tempest blast
My ship is put the test
Wind and rain won't last
The small ship still has her mast

Returning soothing waves of the turquoise sea
Dolphins frolic free
The sun is like a  topaz in the sky 
Gently passes by

I see my island home 
Tropic Paradise of Sand and foam
A place where wild creatures roam
In  brine of sea waters shine
 At last, I come ashore
My heart sings out once more
Family awaits, with open arms
My home has greeted me with her charm

No face can take the place of this tropic grace
Stepping on the land I view the beauty in command
White sands with gulls overhead, where my weary feet do tread
A small dwelling is ahead, a palace where we break our bread

I bid farewell to the turquoise sea, and rest my soul in harmony
Is this a dream, or an enchanted reality


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Turquoise Sea