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This poem is about Fenrir, a colossal wolf from Norse mythology.  Son of Loki, brother to Hell and Jormundgar the world Serpent.
He was known for his awesome strength and ferocity.  At Ragnarok, where the majority of gods die, it is he who slays Odin.

Size of his mother, guile of his sire,
Unrivaled strength and heart of fire.
In vain the gods sought to shackle or encage;
Yet no bonds could stand 'gainst his bondless rage.

A wolf so colossal even gods feared his bite,
Like his sire Loki, his heart was full of spite.
At last wise Odin besought dwarven aid;
With their craftsman skill, a magic rope was made.

Gleipner was the name of this magical binding,
But one look at it set Fenrir's teeth grinding.
Not trusting these Gods and their strange intention,
He said, "Just a moment lads, there's something I must mention."

"You've set me all these tests to gauge my might;
Now you seek to muzzle me so I cannot bite.
Now this might be just another of your odd games,
But I require a pledge before I act so tame."

So it was the god Tyr placed his right hand in Fenrir's jaws,
Trustiing the sacrifice was worthy of the cause.
Fenrir's hackles rose, he growled in rage, his eyes fairly glowed;
But the dwarven binding held, and Fenrir's rage overflowed!

With a single snip he severed the mighty Tyr's right hand,
"I might be bound, but you must live a cripple in this land!"
"So you are," quoth Tyr, "and so forever shall I be.
Yet till the dawn of Ragnarok, you never shall run free."

So the threat of Fenrir was postponed until that fateful day;
When in savage glee the mighty wolf proud Odin will slay.
Yet I wonder had the Asgardians not held his parentage against him,
Would Fenrir have been their foe, or in honor stood beside them?

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Fenrir (Fenrisulfr/Vanargand)