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Before I could even accept that fact my brother died

Before a single tear could fall from my eye

Before I could recover enough to pull through

Before I knew what happen, Mom was gone too

Before I fell apart and wished I too could die

Before I even began, He heard my cry

When none else could see the comfort that was needed

When deep down inside my soul begged and pleaded

When my debate was should I , live or die

When I wouldn’t allow tears to fall from my eyes

When I couldn’t understand my baby sister’s death

When all reasons were gone; not a one was left

When none of my questions returned a reply

When I didn’t think it so, he heard my cry

After both Grandparents on both sides have past

After the many doubts subsided at last

After His grace and mercy has shown faithful

After a mind so corrupt and a heart so hateful

After a walk far over the line and back

After surviving the worlds many attacks

After the tears finally fell from my eyes

After I thought it was too late, He heard my cry

Now, I still have my cross to bear

Now, I will stumble here and there

Now, I’m not perfect, or completely sin free

Now at least I know He has forgiven me

Now I have the strength to try

Now I know He’ll hear my cry

Today I don't doubt the truth

Today I look back on my Youth

Today I sing His highest praise

Today I know the dead was raised

Today I boldly encourage you

Simply cry out; He will hear you too

Jackie Moore



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He Heard My Cry