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There once was a knight of power and skill,
With thews like young oaks and towering will.
Of courage and wit he was well endowed,
No matter the odds, remaining uncowed.

One day this knightly vision of pulcritud,
Was accosted by a woman surprisingly rude.
He was strolling through the forest of Dark Delight,
When he chanced upon a most ominous sight.

A skeletal figure garbed in armor crushed;
An air of menace was silent and hushed.
The abandoned skull gaped a ghastly leer...
"Could it be the brave knight knows a moment of fear?"

So said the woman's voice from the old oak tree;
As the brave knight stepped closer, refusing to flee.
"Step forth and face me," quoth the warrior true,
"Let us see if taunting words are all you can do!"

Tree limbs like clubs rained blows on his shield,
Until the brave knight had no choice but yield.
Tree became woman as it's limbs wrapped him tight;
Quoth Brambleheart: "So dies another foolish knight."

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