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Lost in a fast World
Some days never happened 
When the heartache is plenty and sorrow runs deep
When I miss so much sleep, I breakdown and weep 
The night is a lonely time,  silence seems cold
There was a time when I wanted  silence to hold
The year's passed so quickly, I did grow strong and bold
Now is the time that soothes the years as I become old

I'm not lost in the world it is lost to me, my  spirit remains gentle and free
I find my way home where ever I am,  place my troubles to ease
faith will lift me, and my memories will tease, I now know that 
Old age is not a disease, it is a way back home,  with all the comforts that please

Keep the faith it will hold you, and bring hope in times of despair 
So take off your shoes and stay awhile,
find a place where you hid your smile
enjoy the silence, and forget the world that can be hostile

Allseasonsverse 02/23/2020


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Forget The World