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Clouds turn dark as winds increase
Lightnings flash, then suddenly cease.
A massive form can be dimly seen;
With multicolored feathers of blue and green.

With each beat of its wings thunder rumbles and roars;
As it draws its power through mystical doors.
Guardian and protector of the mortal world,
Against evil and immorality its power hurled.

The anger of the Thunderbird should not be invoked;
For its power is immense if ever provoked.
An entire village it once turned to stone;
For their evil nature they refused to atone.

Nurturing the realm with its life giving rain,
Of the Unktehila and reptilian monsters a bane.
Well known to Shawnee, Arapaho and Sioux,
The Algonquian and Winnebago told of them too.

Able to shapeshift into the form of a man,
None knew the Thunderbird's ultimate plan.
Perhaps it still observes and dwells among men,
Waiting to pass judgement on evil and sin.

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