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Man is the True Virus

Some say the world will end in fire, others say ice;
I wonder, would not a virus do the job just as nice?
Not as dramatic as fire, or as showy as freezing ice,
Yet the silver cord of mortality it would surely slice.

An invisible, less tangible foe of all that lives;
Yet the sweet surcease of life it certainly gives.
For ages man has thought he could do whatever he please;
How ironic if a little virus could bring him to his knees.

Just one more illustration that mankind's wisdom is flawed;
While he pruned the tree of life, at its roots the rats gnawed.
Now he scurries about, eager to claim the virus is cured;
Like a vicious rat in this cage of a world immured.

Alas, for mankind I fear there is no escaping his just fate;
You see he started much too early, and finished much too late.
Man is the true disease you see, infecting all of creation;
And coronavirus the antibody to bring about OUR cessation.

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Man is the True Virus