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Then Came Sunday

Friday was a dark day in the history of man
Deceived by Satan, slaughtered the Lamb
The evening surely started well
Supper with a few friends
And as far as they could tell
That's how it would end
A round table chat with the Savior
An evening stroll through the hills
Watch Him spend some time in prayer
Then captured to be killed
Then Saturday morning
All hope is truly lost
A day full of mourning
Redemption, too great a cost
The word went out, hope is dead
No God to believe in
Trust man instead
Not like those who trusted Him
The darkness has returned
The light snuffed out
All that was learned
Now soiled in doubt
Then Came Sunday
With an unbelievable sight
The evil undone day
The return of the light
His life was not taken
But merely laid down
The world is mistaken
Jesus still wears the crown
He has overcome
And even in this dark day
True believers are overcoming
In the very same way
Every sickness and disease
Under our feet
Victory came with ease
Death down in defeat
Friday came and did it's worse
Saturday tried to keep us down
But Sunday forever removed the curse
And today we toss our crowns

J. Moore

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Then Came Sunday