Songs of Life

A Last Goodbye

Silky lace cobwebs sway slowly in the breeze.
Their feathery touch lights on my face as they hang from a tree branch.
It has been the autumn of my journey.
All I can see now is what my frozen gaze can gather.
Shimmering shades of red flame in a dying sky,
My love, there is peace in the death of another day.
I'd brush the hair from your face, if I could but reach out,
but my limbs hang like willows, and I'm forced to sit here
as it falls across your eyes, eyes so deep and full of life.
I don't want to see anything but your tear streaked smile,
but the sky is calling, Heaven is reaching out to me.
I'm not sure if I'm still breathing, your face gives nothing away
as your eyes close with your upturned gaze.
Are the tears Bitter that flow gently down your face.
Can you hear me as I tell you of all the ways I love you?
Your arm around my shoulder as you gently support the conclusion of
my travels.
I don't feel any pain, I don't feel anything at all besides a slight chill
as I look up at you,
There is a fading light burning within me, and if you can still hear me,
Know that I will....always ... Love . . . .

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A Last Goodbye

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