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My Baby Sister

They say the Lord gives and the Lord takes away
But I really wish he had chosen not to take away that day
And I know that the Lord doesn't make mistakes
I just wish he had decided she's not the one to take
She was so innocent, so sweet, and so young
All I remember thinking was ďLord what have you doneĒ?
That's my baby sister, only twenty years old
A smile that shined like diamonds, with a heart of gold
Michelle love everybody; she made friends not enemies
Although she had a funny side that sometimes liked to tease
My baby sister had accomplished so much in such a short time
She didn't waste her talent, her beauty, or her mind
She did everything she did to the best of her ability
I believe she approached every day in love and humility
If I knew my time with her would be so quickly spent
I would have made better use of it, for she was heaven sent
I miss you baby sister, it seems even more with time
It makes me appreciate more greatly, memories in my mind
I wish that I could see your face if just for a minute or two
I didn't get to tell you before you left, how much I do love you

To my baby sister
Michelle R. Stovall
Sorry it took so long
Jackie M.

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My Baby Sister