Cleansing Prayer

Lord Jehovah, stretch forth thy mighty hand,
Cleanse the pestilence from our fair land,
Hear the prayers of thy suffering people,
Whether in prayer closet, or church with steeple.

We humble ourselves before thine omnipotent power;
We beg thy mercy this very hour.
We, like sheep, have wandered far astray,
Harkening not to thy call, going our own way.

We who were called to be the light of this world,
Must stand against evil, your banner unfurled.
Too often we pat ourselves on the back,
Proud of our "righteousness" others may lack.

We see the suffering and misery round about,
Content in our own situation, no doubt.
We fail to recall we're ALL sinners saved only by grace,
Not through deeds have we earned an exalted place.

Our humility should be patterned after our Lord and Master,
Not focusing on climbing the corporate ladder any faster.
Lord Jehovah, purge our hearts and our dark souls,
Then cleanse our land, making it once more whole.

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Cleansing Prayer