Itcuintlipotzoli (El Chupacabra)

Known by the Maya since ancient of days,
Far more than some modern, passing craze.
"Goat Sucker" they named you, for such was your prey;
Bodies drained of blood were found the next day.

Size of a dog, with ridges on your back,
Glaring red eyes, all fear you did lack.
Reptilian scales covered your form;
Appearing only at night, or darkest of storm.

Hidden from sun's bright revealing ray,
Many skeptics doubt your existence today.
Yet they have no explanation for the bodies you leave;
Though in Puerto Rico many are the tales they weave.

Now they claim you have moved to MY state,
In Tucson and Nogales you patiently wait.
WIth kangaraoo legs and red eyes that glare;
I wonder if I will discover you there....

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Itcuintlipotzoli (El Chupacabra)