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In All Circumstances

Good day or bad day
Thank you Jesus
Hard work, no play
Thank you Lord
Day off or lay off
Praise you Jesus
Friends gained or family lost
Praise you Lord
Good report or bad report
You're my king Jesus
Eating steak or apple core
You're my king Lord
Agree or disagree
Your word Jesus
When it's just me
Your word Lord
Sick and afflicted
I love you Jesus
Accused by the wicked
I love you Lord
Thankful in all circumstance
That's your will for me
I raise my hands
I surrender completely
Come what may
You are still my God
I'll do it your way
Because you are my God
Your will Lord is the place for me
Come hell or high water I will stand
Your will Lord is the place to be
I surrender my desires to your command
You died the death that I deserved
I only live because of you
All I am is here to serve
Whatever you ask I'm pleased to do
I won't grumble, I won't complain
The life I live is not my own
In all circumstances I praise your name
Working until the day you bring me home

J. Moore

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In All Circumstances