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Down among the lightless, fathomless deep
Amidst sunken ruins where crustaceans creep;
Tentacles drift lazily to currents unknown,
Now and then caressing scattered heaps of bone.

Scourge of ancient sailors in its younger days,
Now content to bask in stuporous haze.
Greeks claim the Titans Oceanus and Ceto spawned you;
And many were the victims you gave cause to rue.

The devastation your mighty limbs could wreak;
In shuddering fear your name they would speak.
Nordic scholars wrote of your fearsome might,
In the Greenway Sea you were truly a blight.

E#rik Pontoppidan, bishop of Bregan wrote in detail;
Jacob Wallenberg and Carl Linnaeus spun their own tale.
Of the monstrous terror lurking near Norway's shore;
Of entire crews who were heard from no more.

Some claim such monstrosities never existed,
Spouting their beliefs in reams to be listed.
Yet what if the Kraken merely slumbers and waits
For foolish mankind to seal their own fate?

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