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Once without form and void; just mist and noise
Black was a place to completely avoid
Lost in ignorance, enslaved by false light
Doomed to remain under cover of night
Then a Word came though slightly distorted
The content of its power not fully reported
By command of the creator, the word spoke
Then by the move of the Spirit the light broke
ďLet there be lightĒ the Lord said
Bring to life what was once dead
No longer in darkness, black is now seen
But most don't understand its true meaning
Look at the Jews in the days of old
There in their history another story is told
Chosen by God to do a great work
But oppression and pain must come first
Tried by the fire in the process
Refining can look like a hot mess
But out of the ashes came pure gold
Inspiration to most when the tell is told
Four hundred years on the potter's wheel
To learn when to stand and when to kneel
Black is not a color, culture, or position
But a divine revelation of a heavenly mission
Black is no longer the absence of light
But a perfect reflection when held just right
Purposely connected to God's color scheme
Created, crafted, and instituted with meaning
Positioned and empowered through mercy and grace
To deflect all glory to the Saviors face
Although some darkness still remains
The heart light touches is never the same
Yet even today some don't understand
Black was never about a man
But a God and His heart for His people
And a love to which there is no equal

J. Moore

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