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Don’t knock where there’s no light

The townsfolk never linger,

Near that house across the way,

Where you never see a light on,

At whatever time of day.

All the bulbs are missing,

No switches on the wall,

No lampshades, wires or fuse box,

No ceiling rose or cords.

The postman never visits,

The milkman won’t go near,

The birds don’t nest, nor stop to rest,

The paperboys steer clear.

There’s an atmosphere of worry,

That invades the homes nearby,

A recent scream disturbed the street,

But no one dared enquire.

I’ve heard mention of the occult,

Of a darkness Lord or Prince,

Of wicked witches, ghouls and ghosts,

And shadows indistinct.

An unearthly house of horrors,

That comes to life each year,

Especially in October,

Around the end thereof I hear.

There’ll be no other warning,

Enjoy All Hallows night,

Knock only where it’s brightly lit

Don’t knock where there’s no light.

© Joseph G Dawson