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Crazy Is As Crazy Does

They say that I am quite insane,
With squirrels scampering through my brain.
I know they're right, I know it's true...
We're all a bit crazed, you know it too!

It's a crazy, mixed up world we live in,
We all hate the wacky choices we're given!
We're told to be friendly, warm, and polite,
Even when others snarl, snap, and bite.

Only bandits and heroes wear a mask,
Which am I? Don't bother to ask.
I try to do what's right and fair,
Yet see only chaos everywhere!

Our leaders have no clear direction,
There seems no end to this deadly infection.
Some are so paranoid of becoming ill,
Others ignore all caution, and do what they will.

No sane creatures would act so irrational you see,
Only a race of madmen would react this crazily.
You tell me we're all crazy, it isn't a race...
I tend to agree, I see madness on each face!

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Crazy Is As Crazy Does