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Gargolite and the Preacher

Gargolite the daring hamster had to take a trip;
Bidding his love farewell, he kissed her sweet lips.
climbing aboard the famous red canoe,
He hefted his paddle, launching into waters blue.

Gargolite, like all his folk, disliked to get wet;
It bothered him SO much, he began to fret.
"Musn't get wet, no, that would never do,"
He muttered to himself as he readied his paddle true.

With a nervous chuckle and a gulp of fear,
The brave little hamster shed a tiny tear.
"Oh, why did I ever decide to leave, why did I have to go,"
"Launching on the water deep, where the swift tides flow?"

With grim determination, little Gargolite clenched his jaw,
"This is something I MUST do, for I must obey the law!"
You see, Gargolite and his lady love were determined to tie the knot,
So he must go to fetch the preacher, and all that bloody rot.

Imagining his lady lovoe, and nights spent in her bower,
He gained new strength, giving the water a fierce glower.
"You'll not stop me, you wretched waves," he vowed.
"My love gives me power, I'll never again be cowed!"

So it was, Gargolite fetched the preacher home,
And from that day, vowed never again, on windswept waves to roam.

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Gargolite and the Preacher