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O'er hill and o'er dale,
Hark the hunting horn's wail.
The chase is on, no time to waste,
Mount your steed, make all haste!

In valorous pursuit of the Glatisant beast,
O'ercoming all obstacles, from greatest to least!
Through forest primeval or chasm vast,
We'll hunt the beast till we catch it at last!

Body of a leopard, head and neck of a snake,
A most unusual noise it surely does make!
Barking like thirty couple hounds questing,
It surely kept King Pelinore from resting!

A glorious hunt, steeped in chivalrous tradition,
What ho! I hear it now, consign it to perdition!
galumphing 'cross the land on its hooves like a hart,
Arise sluggard, 'tis past the thou did start!

Sir Percival and sir Palamides hunted it too,
Now the great quest has passed on to you!
Gather thy weapons, thy trusty spear hone,
The Post-Vulgate de Merlin reveals all that is known.

Ride like the wind,chase down the foul beast,
We'll celebrate your triumph, with a victory feast!

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The Questing Beast