Feet on the ground....

Sooo yep....
I over judged...misjudged the whole situation
I just cannot with these living arrangements
Why again did I agree to a roommate?!
Crazy face.....
I enjoyed the company when it was occasionally
But now itís constant and this energy is funky
Iím clouded smothered
And I think I traded my peace of mind for my cousinís
Oh yea I think I have given too much of my space
Now I want it back.....
I need it back.....
I functioned better with a little bit of solitude and
That beautiful blend of energy that floods my being
A couple times a week
Like 5 to 7 times a week
This arrangement doesnít work for me
I suppose what Iím not saying is Iím sorry I kinked
The water hose that our energy flowed from
Now Iím looking crazy.
You talking crazy.
My energy is all weird....
Ion want it.
Iím fixing it.....right now.

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Feet on the ground....